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Our team

Meet the Mavericks behind G4 Digital – a band of digital virtuosos, creative geniuses, and technological wizards. United by a passion for pushing boundaries and a knack for turning big ideas into digital reality, our team is the heartbeat of innovation.

From the code connoisseurs who architect seamless solutions to the design doyens who make pixels pop, and the strategy sorcerers who map out digital dominance, each member brings a unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm to the table.

Together, we're not just a team; we're a digital dream team, dedicated to crafting bespoke experiences that leave a lasting impact. Join us on a journey where creativity meets technology, and together, let's build something extraordinary.

  • Russ

    Master of APIs

    Russ loves to put things together. He's a master at integration and connectivity with expertises in APIs, Networking and Email. He's also a fan of cooking American BBQ and authentic Italian pizza.

    Favourite emoji: 🤷‍♂️ or 🤦‍♂️

  • Dan

    Creator of Algorithms

    Dan is your classic coder; dim the lights, crank the music and watch as the code just apparates. He enjoys most things nerdy including video games, Dungeons & Dragons and going to ComicCon.

    Favourite emoji: 🎉 or 🤣

  • Sophie

    Guardian of the Code

    Sophie has as sixth sense for noticing issues and problems, she makes sure every piece of code we ship works, and that every App is great to use. She enjoys a good notepad and is a expert in all things stationary.

    Favourite emoji: 🤣

Our specialisms and strengths

What do we think we're really good at?

Over 30 years experience
Not that we like to think to hard about time passing us by... yes a combined experience set of three decades
Open Source Contributors
We like to think: "you reap what you sew", so we make sure that we give back to the open source community when we can
Industry Leading Practices
We find that doing things the right way, generally keeps everything working smoothly, so we keep up to date with the best practices about
Always Learning
A day without learning something new is a day wasted - so we try to waste as few days as possible!
Customer Centric
We believe software should be a joy to use, so we design everything around the customer, whether that's you, your staff or your customers
Domain Driven
We're curious and always want to know more, so we spend so much effort understand your business so we can make software for you

A brief history...

Previously Russ ran a and Email hosting company which still exists to this day despite competition from much larger companies, with a varied and happy customer base. Meantime, Dan was studying with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science graduating just before meeting Russ.

Russ and Dan met in 2009 working together at a cloud-based telecoms company working on internal and customer facing web technology, and this is where the magic started to happen. Between the pair of them, they revolutionised the business with a new, modern, customer facing e-commerce website, and integrated customer SaaS solution for managing telecoms products.

After a brief hiatus, taking on separate opportunities for a little over a year, Russ and Dan reunited their skills in a new digital agency serving clients in industries stretching from Big Pharma, Telecoms, Social Networking, Industry Standards Accreditation, Internet of Things connected products and more, and in fact winning clients Innovation Awards for their bespoke software.

The success went even further to the point that the agency's largest customer made an offer on the business, offering both Russ and Dan new opportunities in the heart of the global Telecoms industry, where they have been benefiting from access to bigger and better technology to integrate together with amazing software.

...and now?

And now it is time for Agency "2.0" in the form of G4 Digital! Russ and Dan, again offering their services, experience and expertise to anyone lucky enough to stumble across us.